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Save valuable time by entrusting us with the tasks of packing, shipping, and ensuring order accuracy.

For low to high-volume brands that need to manage orders and inventory across multiple facilities and sales channels, our SwiftOMS features orders syncing across sales channel, smarter and more cost-effective order routing, multichannel inventory management, and last-mile optimization.

    Our features

    Software Capabilities

    Order Tracking

    Access complete visibility of all orders in one view. Track statuses as they’re fulfilled at your own or third party warehouses.

    Order Management

    Manage, update, create, and cancel sales orders in one centralized location.

    Item and Bundle Management

    Manage your complete product catalog; add and update items and bundled products.

    Effortless Order Syncing

    Streamline your operations and ensure accurate order tracking and fulfillment, all from a centralized system.

    Flexible management methods

    FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO to nsure optimal inventory rotation, minimize waste, and maintain product freshness with ease.


    Make informed decisions with rich data on inventory (SKUs, balance, adjustments, history), orders (exceptions, backorders, activity, history), etc. Easily export your supply chain data with on-demand downloads and scheduled reporting.

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    We are proud to be the fulfillment partner helping grow 100+ brands across Vietnam!

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