Optimizing E-commerce Inventory and Fulfillment with SwiftHub’s Special Handling Services

Special Handling Services

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient inventory management and seamless order fulfillment are paramount for success. However, not all products are created equal, and their unique characteristics often require special handling. That’s where SwiftHub, your trusted 3PL partner, steps in to ensure your inventory is managed with precision and your customers receive their orders in pristine condition.

Understanding the Need for Special Handling

E-commerce businesses deal with a diverse range of products, each with its own set of handling requirements. From dimensions and fragility to perishability and high value, the nature of your products can vary significantly. SwiftHub recognizes that one-size-fits-all solutions won’t cut it, and that’s why we specialize in tailoring our services to meet your unique needs.

Identifying and Flagging Products for Special Handling

At SwiftHub, we believe that proactive planning is the key to successful special handling. Whether you’re onboarding as a new client or adding new products to your inventory, we encourage open discussions about any special handling requirements your products may have. This way, we can incorporate your expectations and specifications into our service level agreement and ensure our fulfillment centers are well-prepared for their arrival.

Product Attributes for Special Handling

Just like with any 3PL partner, SwiftHub uses product attributes to optimize inventory management and order fulfillment:

  • Soft: For products with flexible dimensions, like apparel, we designate them as “Soft” during the weighing and measuring process. This attribute guides our tech-driven platform in selecting the right-sized packaging, reducing shipping costs.
  • Blacklist: Some products, such as digital items like gift cards or bonus gifts shipped separately, may be flagged as “Blacklist.” This ensures they won’t delay the fulfillment process for other items in the order.
  • Hazmat: Products with batteries or potentially hazardous properties are flagged as “Hazmat.” SwiftHub strictly follows safety regulations established by organizations like OSHA to store, handle, and ship these items safely.

SwiftHub’s Special Handling Services

SwiftHub offers a comprehensive range of special handling services to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses:

  • Verified Inventory: High-value products requiring enhanced security are designated with the “Verified Inventory” attribute. These products are stored securely, counted upon receiving, and managed by our operations management team to maintain accurate inventory levels.
  • Temperature Control: Certain FDA-regulated products, such as food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices, require precise temperature control. Our facilities in select locations are equipped to meet these requirements.
  • Special Handling Requests: Sometimes, special handling goes beyond product attributes and depends on how you want your products physically handled. SwiftHub accommodates various special requests to meet your specific stocking and packing procedures.
  • Lot Control: If tracking products by expiration date or production lot is essential for your quality control process, SwiftHub’s “Lot Control” service is tailored for you. It ensures complete visibility into inventory levels and expiration dates.
  • Fragile: Delicate products requiring careful packaging are wrapped in protective materials and handled at specialized packing stations.
  • Custom Packaging: Elevate your brand with custom packaging. SwiftHub can set up custom packaging requests in advance, ensuring your products are packed to impress.
  • Serialization: For products requiring individual unit tracking by serial numbers, such as electronics, SwiftHub offers Serialization handling to aid in warranty verification and defect tracking.

Beyond Special Handling

SwiftHub goes the extra mile to support growing e-commerce businesses. In addition to special handling, our team is equipped to assist with kitting, assembly, relabeling, and even correcting manufacturer errors, ensuring your customers receive the best experience.

Ready to Optimize Your E-commerce Fulfillment?

Contact SwiftHub today to explore our special handling capabilities and discover how we can streamline your e-commerce order fulfillment process. With SwiftHub as your 3PL partner, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.

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